A unique, scientific process

Equipped with a deep understanding of your business needs, we match you with the candidates who will thrive in their position, empower their teams and elevate workplace culture.

Finding the perfect-fit candidates just got way easier.

Our proven process for matching the right talent to the job takes the headache out of hiring, and supports your organization in building a better team.

Personalized Strategic Guidance

Streamline your hiring processes and save everyone time with strategic advice on candidacy scores, hiring steps and employee onboarding.

Unparalleled Communication

No more communication headaches! Our proactive, accessible and thorough communication ensures your needs are met every step of the way.

Quality over Quantity

We weed out the misfits, mismatches, and fabricators so you only interview the cream-of-the-crop candidates destined to excel in the position.


Hire differently. Hire better.

Our proven process includes research-backed job and behavioral assessments that offer clarity into the position you want to fill and the candidates you want to hire.

“Communication to me is paramount, and the communication with Linx is fantastic. They’re optimistic, forward-thinking and always have a plan of action. They were amazing from start to finish.”

Sara C | Total Spring Solution


What would it mean to you to find the perfect candidate?

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